Your mind, body & soul is my passion


I have a goal to help transform your skin and sense of self in a professional and relaxed setting where my proficiency and results-driven methodology blend together.  I believe in starting with you where you are at and getting you to where you want to be by educating you on treatments and products so you can feel confident and secure living in the skin you’re in.

A little about me…I approach skincare from a holistic, overall wellness approach. I truly believe in the mind, body, spirit connection and realize when something is off it affects the whole unit of self.

My story starts in 2006 when I was working a wonderful corporate job but knew it wasn't for me and that my soul's purpose was to immerse myself in the healing arts. I became a licensed Esthetician in 2008 and have been working in the field ever since. I have experience with Aveda, Eminence Organics, Phytobiodermie and Bioelements skin care lines. It is Bioelements I chose to work with for its amazing results, custom blending capabilities, reasonable retail pricing and ease of self-care use. 

My philosophy on skincare is: simplicity is best. The skin is your body's largest organ and the one everyone sees so we have to take care of it. What you put in your body eventually shows up through your skin so staying active and eating the proper nutrients and drinking a ton of water are a huge part of my family’s lifestyle.

One of the specialties in skincare I enjoy focusing on are chemical peels because of the instant gratification and benefits you see and feel on your skin. I also really enjoy working with young adults who may be working with acne. To help guide themto a simple self-care routine and help boost their confidence is incredibly rewarding.


My journey into studying vibrational frequencies began in 2012 (a very important year with a bit of a backstory – I cover it in a blog post). I was working at Aspira Spa in Elkhart Lake and the Reiki Master noted she felt I had the natural ability to heal and wanted me to sharpen the skills I was born with.  I attended TIBIA school in Madison, WI and became Crystal Energy Healing certified. The same year I also became Reiki certified and also began a course in Bach Essence Therapy. Going through so many energy shifts in a short amount of time was a tremendous experience. Since that time, I have practiced all I have learned and continue to find alternative methods of healing.

 Always the student, I am currently exploring such areas as Shamanic healing, becoming a certified aromatherapist, ayurvedic nutritionist and many more! I continue to educate myself via webinars, seminars, conferences and as many books and articles that I can find.

Through this process of certification and understanding my purpose I've realized that my joy comes from being of service to others. I love bringing peace and calm to people, however that looks to you. Each person is different and I allow each guest to be themselves and feel safe for our time together. Whether that be falling asleep on my table or venting to decompress - being able to hold space with another person is the ultimate goal and truly an honor!


{with gratitude} -Brooke