Manifesting greatness for 2017

I ended the year by holding a mirror to my face.

Both literally and figuratively - no joke. It's been a while since I, too, have been able to enjoy a facial! Okay, joking aside - So here's the story.
I sat down on New Year's Eve, paper laid out before me, pen in hand and enjoyed a moment of clarity.
As I thought through the amazing, as well as the challenging, moments of this past year, I began to compartmentalize all the goals I wanted to accomplish for the next 365 days. I started with bullet pointed 'topics' of all that I am or do and began to fill in how I visualized that topic playing out over the next year. Knowing this was going to go right on my fridge, to see daily, I kept all my word choices uplifting. Rather than saying things like "I want to lose all this baby/pregnancy weight" (a negative phrase with hidden emotional agendas) I decided to say "I want to be strong, healthy and fit for my daughters and I'm going to accomplish this goal by doing these specific activities that I love".
So, I'm going through this process and it feels so good, and I'm motivated and positive and already feeling healthy about all my little bullet points (nerding out over lists). And then it hit me - I sit behind my computer screen or in my esthetics room giving advice on a mind, body, spirit connection for the healthiest life you can lead...and I'm not following my own advice some days.

Practicing Grace
Rather than beat myself up in a hot sweaty panic, I did what I do best - I made another list!
Look, I'm in that stage of life where I live by a schedule. Everything is on a schedule and any deviation of that schedule is difficult to adjust to. I have two small children, 2 1/2 and 9 months, two dogs, a full time job, two part time jobs, I'm a wife and someone's gotta do the dishes because the dish fairy keeps forgetting to stop over! So basically, I'm busy, just like all of you. Figuring out that funny phrase 'me time' gets pushed farther and farther down the list as I choose to do things for others before myself. Things like "soak in the bath with Himalayan and Epsom salts" go right to the wayside. Here is the biggest issue with doing that - I lose my grounding and when we lose our grounding we tend to self-sabotage or at the very lease we stop making ourselves and our health a priority. 

"If it's important to you, you'll find a way. If not, you'll find an excuse."
This quote is on my refrigerator and stares at me every day. This is my mantra for 2017. Being able to see this quote everyday along side all my goals, hopes, dreams and aspirations for myself and my family keeps me on track for accomplishing what I am setting out to do.
Whether it be a business goal to build my brand better and build my clientele, or telling myself to do the dishes later so I can play with Play-Doh for the next hour with my daughter - finding what is important to us is a perfect way to start finding (and more important - start living) our purpose in life.

So here are my hopes for you this year:
If you find yourself in a grumpy frame of mind, realize you're not grounded, if you don't know what you want to do in life, if you know you are here for a reason but can't figure it out....start making a list and start out small.
What do you have to do in a week?
What do you want to do in a week?
How can you organize all the wants with what you already have to do?
Which of the 'have to's" can you do away with?
What are some hobbies you enjoy and how can you add those to the mix?

Hold the mirror to your own face.
And after you've taken a good, long, hard look at who you are and who you want to be. Go ahead and peek at your skin and then give me a call - skincare is where you delegate an expert to help get the job done! lol:)
I believe in a whole living aspect of health, well-being and skincare - it's all connected. So sometimes I write about topics not directly related to skincare but that play a large roll in our daily living. Recently I posted on Facebook asking for topics or suggestions about skincare you'd be interested in learning more about. I'd love to hear from you! What are some concerns, ideas, questions, etc. you'd like me to write a blog post about? You can comment below, message me on Facebook or send me an email at:

 - stay true to your soul -


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