Healing Energy Offered - Part 2

You may be wondering....


"What is the point of all this energy talk when I don't book that service?"

Ahhhh-haaaaa, lean in my friend. 

When I first began this whole concept of writing to a group of clients and then (eek!) posting that email out on a website for, essentially, the whole public world to be able to view, it seemed so daunting. I didn't know where to begin. One of my longtime soul sisters (a life and business coach and photographer from L.A.) told me to start by speaking about skincare from my heart.

What I knew that day was that I needed to begin the conversation about how stress levels totally mess with our skin.

You can visit those earlier posts to read all about the path of destruction stress hormones have on our skin. Bringing our conversation full circle in the last few months has been an effort to allow us all to see how we, personally, can focus on our inner dialogue and energy in an effort to promote well-being. The end result is less stress and less damage to your skin. I will be completely honest with you.  It is my personal and professional opinion that

no amount of treatment or product application can save your skin if you are living in a constant state of dis-ease.

What are crystals?

Crystals are formed naturally in the earth by a combination of various amounts of minerals, nutrients, and energy (heat/cold/etc) combined. Humans dig them up and use them as jewelry, powdered forms are used in cosmetics, and for centuries they have been used for medicinal, scientific and complementary healing practices. 

How are they used in a healing session?

Each crystal aims to either absorb, focus, direct and/or diffuse our human energy fields to enable an out of balance body to find its organic harmony once again.  Carefully selected crystals can be placed on each of the seven main chakras, in a grid pattern around the body, or even just in any room you wish to bring healthy energy into. 

When placed on and around the body, each chakra is softly re-aligned and energy begins to flow appropriately once again to the remaining chakras. As the clearing and rebalancing take place, the subtle energy fields of our aura are also realigned. Emotions, glands, organs, and physical body parts are all linked to the chakras and subtle energy fields. When all is balanced and flowing freely - this gives our internal structures a chance to work for us to the best of their abilities.

Yellow citrine, great for the solar plexus (our battery pack of energy), may help bring a spring in your step. Rose quartz is a soft healer of heartache and can be worn near the heart chakra. Amethyst may calm a busy mind and promote deeper sleep. These are just three examples, but there are oh so many to choose from for any physical or metaphysical concern you may be having. 

Benefits of Crystal Energy Healing:

  • Reduction in chronic pain and stress
  • Clarity into why illness develops int he first place
  • Clears, charges, and balances chakras and auras
  • Removes negative energy and entities
  • Cuts Cords of negative attachments
  • Heals across time, distance and space including past life and karmic issues

What does it feel like?

More and more people are seeing complementary ways to achieve wellness. Some medical practices only treat symptoms and never fully address the initial cause of the problem, or fail to look beyond the physical to address the mental or emotional state we have. Energy work can help you achieve wellness by addressing the physical, mental and emotional issues that can be holding you back from achieving connection and flow of mind, body, and spirit.  During a healing session, I always incorporate crystals as I believe the power each has in conjunction with the Reiki energy, can help delve deeper, safer, and faster for each client's healing benefit.

While some people feel heat or cold, pulsing, vibrations or waves of energy coursing through their body. Some may feel nothing at all. There is no perfect experience as everyone's session is entirely personal. Regardless of "feel", the energy is still working and going where it needs to go to do its' job. I usually let each client know that they can treat the session like it is a 30-minute nap - relax - decompress - and once you're in a state of ease, you'll begin to feel the subtle changes taking place.  

As I draw this energy novel to a close, I'm going to share a little tidbit that you can print off or write down and put on your desk or refrigerator to look at throughout your day.

When moments of crazy come calling, close your eyes, breathe in deep, plant your feet on the ground, soften your shoulders and repeat the following:

5 Reiki Principles to live by:

  • just for today, I will not worry...
  • just for today, I will not be angry...
  • just for today, I will be grateful....
  • just for today, I will do my work honestly....
  • just for today, I will be kind to every living thing.

(I also am super excited to share that on October 23rd, I will be going in for another attunement for energy healing certification. Each step of attunement brings the greater capability to assist in healing. Intuition, vibrational frequency, clarity of power all can be heightened during each attunement. I am so happy to be able to bring this next level to all of my clients interested in energy healing!)