The Invisible Roomate

Demodex mites and Rosacea - how are they connected?
What we know for sure: it is an inflammatory response that creates the red, often flushed, appearance and ruddy texture of the skin. What many dermatologists believe contribute greatly to this inflammation are Demodex skin mites that make a home in your pores and hair follicles.

Get ready to feel itchy.

They are part of the arachnid family (you know, 8 legged creatures off all things gross that must be killed, of course). Their legs are all near the top part of the body and a long bus-like tail follows behind them.

A dermatologist from the 1800's names them Demodex as a combination of Latin words that boil down to 'gross, invisible, mites that survive on the fat of your skin'. Those are my words, but you catch my drift.  If you want to see just how they do this, take a walk down Google image lane.

They live in our pores and hair follicles for 18-24 days, reproducing (bow-chicka-wa-wah) every 7 days. Another mammal that suffers from these mites is dogs. Infestations or uncontrolled mites will create cases of mange if left untreated. Every single human carries these mites typically starting around the age of puberty. Since we all have them, but we don't all have rosacea, what gives? Scientists have found people suffering from rosacea or other inflammatory skin disorders tend to have a higher volume of these little guys dwelling on the skin.
Now that you're completely ooked out - how can you help yourself?

First off, don't freak out and dip your whole face in avat of vinegar, you're not a pickle.
Also: if you're currently under the care of a doctor for rosacea please continue to follow their plan.
Deep cleaning, moderate stimulation, balanced diet, exercise, and pore detoxing will all contribute to the reduction of the number of skin mites.
Bullet Points:
1. Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize twice a day
2. Clean from the inside out by sweating for 20 min a day.
3. Ingest healthy food that follows a pH balance so you aren't creating more of an inflammatory response from the inside-out. Google pH food chart for information on where your food tends to land you to guide you.
What you are doing at home can be boosted 400% (exaggeration)  by what estheticians are able to do in a treatment room with clinical and professional strength exfoliants, masks and serums.

If you suffer from rosacea (or are now just totally grossed out and want to get at 'em) and had a mildly stimulating exfoliant combined with a deep detox mask, you'd be able to decrease the amount of skin mite inhabitants and over time help to improve the severity of your level of rosacea.

Your face will thank you - I promise you!