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So, you got in a fight and suddenly you have a headache...

Now that we've begun to figure out the basics of energy, how and when to ground ourselves....let's take a peek at some real life examples of how energy that isn't channeled in a healthy way can eventually manifest itself physically within us.

Energy workers, light-workers, shamans, and ancient tribal leaders know based off intensive intuitive channeling, that emotional states or negative energy left unprocessed will eventually manifest itself into physical symptoms within the body systems.

This is not new age thinking. Thousands of years of tribal cultures have passed this on and we are finally, once again, opening our hearts to ancient healing modalities. Hundreds of books have been written, and our normalized way of practicing medicine is even finding truths to theories regarding the mind, body and spirit connection.

Here is a great example we have all lived:
You arrive at work and a coworker is all in a tizzy - just grumpy as all heck - and they lash out at you and just keep venting. Their words are cutting and now your positive mood is dimmed. Depending on your sensitivity level, you may even feel a slight wince in your chest.

By the end of the day, you are drained and even a little sad.  The image above is a perfect representation of each of your main energy fields or chakras, and the specific body system they are connected with.

When our chakras are impacted, and the physical symptoms begin to show, it is very likely that certain chakras are out of alignment compared to the others. And if we don't get the issue figured out, it can lead to bigger issues down the road.

This is why being aware of our own energy, finding ways to ground and mediate are so very important to our overall wellness.

So, you're out of whack....
Well, first off, you are not alone! Many of us are - even the ones that practice energy work for a living get thrown off course and need to have our own healing sessions performed on us. It's part of life!

Some people are more aware of their energy alignment than others (back to the ego/spirit connection) and are able to seek out practices that allow them to rebalance.  The ones that are not aware they are out of balance, or not care to be aware of their energy at all, will get there in their own time. We all have a path here. So let's not fret about others - this is 'us' time.

Stop, drop.and roll with it baby.

We'll spend the next few days noticing how our body feels pertaining to each chakra. How does each area thrive or dive throughout situations or conditions? When we are around certain people or places, do we notice a change?  When we feel negativity arising, if you are able to, stop what you are doing, drop to the ground, and roll with your emotions and allow your energy to rebalance.

This does not mean fight your emotions - you have to feel it to heal it - it means this is time to get quiet. Slow down, close your eyes, breathe, ground yourself, ask yourself why you might be responding in such a way, ask if you want to keep responding this way, breathe deep, find your grounding, breathe deep, now restart and choose to align your energy in a positive direction for your own well-being.

Still having trouble?
Sometimes, when the stuff and gunk and issues have built up for so long it is really hard to bounce back simply by breathing. It is okay to get assistance.  Heck, if I may be so bold to say - I think asking for help is the bravest act a human can do.

Reach out if you are interested in experiencing energy healings. They are gentle, non-invasive ways to release stored negative patterns and help bring a plethora of universal light back into your divine human shell.

{with gratitude}

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