Finding Zen

Have you found zen yet?

Finding zen isn't like finding Sven or Nemo or Waldo...actually... there isn't a ton of searching involved I guess. We use the word "find."' but perhaps we should replace it with the word "realize".  I say that because sometimes,

when we keep searching to find something,
what we are looking for eludes us.

This can be applied to the person looking for a soul mate, trying to get pregnant, going for a big promotion, etc. When we focus so much energy on what we want, we aren't allowing it to happen organically. So, let's sit for a minute and figure out ways we can realize that zen is around us daily.

Finding Zen
When I've taken the steps to get centered with myself and ground myself back to a level place, that is when I begin taking simple steps to figure out what is really going on inside.

I start by asking

Who am I when my energy is off?

How would I rather be?

Who am I when my energy is properly aligned?

External/Environmental Distractions:
Things like noise, clutter, never ending lists of chores, emotions running through the mind from previous painful moments, fear, jealousy, judgments, uncertainty are all examples of what can throw energy off.

Internal/Subconscious Distractions:
We all live with Ego and Spirit. They're like the angel and devil sitting on your shoulder in a way. They're both there to serve us well. It's when they become imbalanced that our energy is thrown off. 

When Ego takes over there is less room for Spirit. Dr. Wayne Dyer uses the acronym "EGO = Edge God Out" and while I am not a religious person so to speak, and replace it with the concept of a universal or spiritual practice - it still fits. (If you want to keep God in, do so! - Use this how it works for you.) What he means is the more we stay in Ego, the less we are allowing ourselves to receive the good that the universe or God, is helping us work toward.

When living with a connection to your choice of higher energy - God, Spirit, Universe, Source, etc. , we often feel clear, less ruffled and can balance our reactions better. Therefore, creating a ripple effect of grounded energy to those around us.

This allows us to think clearly which allows others around you the same opportunity.

Always remember, we cannot control others, only our own actions, and responses to them. This week, I'd like you to make mental note of which areas in your life you are letting your ego-based reactions run wild. Once you have gained clarity on those areas, take a breather, slow down, and ask yourself if this is how you want your energy to be in that moment.

Rise, and start over.

{with gratitude}