Tips for Mindfulness

Bullet points are the best.

When I first started writing about the topic of energy, I was amazed at the novel I had created! The previous four emails, now blog posts on my website, were just the beginning of all of that. So each of these I broke down into more easily digestible emails for my subscribers - that's you!

We've talked about what energy is, how to feel it, how to notice when our energy is out of alignment, and how to bring ourselves back into range with who we really are. Each message brought you new 'homework' where we took note of how we felt in any given circumstance and how we can work to bring more peace into our daily lives.

If you haven't begun taking part in a routinely scheduled mindful practice, here are some quick tips that will get you on the calm trail.

  • Download some free meditation apps on your phone and start or end your day with focused thoughts and an intent based approach.  One I recently downloaded is called Headspace. They have relatable content and super cute videos that explain how your mind works and how you can better center your thoughts.


  • Inspirational books!  Some may call them self-help, I call them inspirational.  Books that educate and open your mind to enlightened thinking, stories you can relate to and tips to guide you on the paths to personal development....pick one up!


  • Aligning with the right people. I'll admit this can be very hard. But at the end of the day, the people you surround yourself with is the energy you absorb and the energy you become. Choose your circle wisely. If you are looking to get on a more spiritually connected path, fitness path, compassionate path, 'fill-in-the-blank' path - then consciously select people to spend time with who are on the similar road that you want to be on.  It doesn't mean you have to cut ties with people who aren't on the same path. It means you are choosing to expand your circles and find a tribe style that matches what you want out of life.


  • Self Care is incredibly important for grounding and clearing your energy. Doing something that fills your soul - whether it be going for a walk, taking an art class, soaking in a warm bath with Epsom or sea salt, getting a massage or facial, having quiet time or lunch with good friends...whatever it may is essential that we take care of ourselves first. That's why when you're on an airplane, they tell you to apply your own oxygen mask first before assisting others. You're no damn good to anyone otherwise. Got it? (my great grandma says that, lol, Got it?!)


  • Grounding yourself. Take your shoes and socks off and get your feet in the grass. The earth is made of pure energy. Atoms and molecules all come together - physics shows us that all matter we see is simply energy.  Get your body touching and absorbing that energy. Get out in nature. Go visit the nearest woods where all you hear are birds and squirrels.


  • Disconnect from your technology. This one I cannot stress enough. Turn that dang phone on silent. Heck, leave it in another room on silent. Did its battery die? GOOD. Leave it be for a moment. (Please note, I only do this if my husband and girls are with me so I know I'm not needed potentially - so practice common sense during this step) Begin filtering the information you receive on your phone. Emails, news, social media notifications...can they wait until you have time to click open the app - then change your settings to avoid pop ups and dings every 3 seconds. Texts and calls at inopportune times? Ask if that moment is the right time to devote energy to it. 

Giving away your energy when you 'just aren't feelin it" is just away your energy.

  • Yoga, yoga, isn't just a physical work out, and it isn't just for the stretch.  The true philosophy of yoga is to gain oneness with 'self'. Classes focus on dissolving the day-to-day stress and tension we keep in our mind, which eventually manifests into physical tension. Yoga, for me, has been transformational physically but more so emotionally and mentally.
  • Try an energy work session. There are many modalities of energy work one can immerse themselves with. Shamanic healing, Reiki, Crystals, Mediumship, Akashic readings, etc.  These modalities use a form of intuition and universal energy passed down hundreds of years to help clear negativity and bring light into your spirit.

So, I'm curious what works for you? How do you get your mind right? What do you do for yourself that makes you feel lighter and grounded? Tell me in the comments or if the public eye isn't your jam, shoot me a message - I'd love to hear from you!

{with gratitude}