The wisdom of the last year

It's day 1 of the next's it going so far?

How you answer this question to yourself is critical.

I know I promised my very next blog post to cover the topic of collagen in an effort to delve deeper into skin tips....but I couldn't help but notice a disturbing trend last night while scrolling through the 'ole Facebook news feed before bed.

Almost every post I came across in my feed that mentioned the new year mentioned how terrible this past year was. To come across so many posts from so many people that seemed to have all sipped the same Kool-Aid at dinner was shocking enough for me to furrow my brow and shoot out a post on The Refinery's page to hopefully counteract the bad vibes.

It got me thinking that collagen will have to wait a day - I'll write all about a ton of great topics I've been reading up on (some reminders, some brand new that I can't wait to share)...because today, I think it is more important to talk about what we've learned this year.


I love to read. But I admit, I haven't read any books that are considered "fun" by most literary list makers. I read skin magazines, Reiki manuals, yoga lifestyle novels, dietary guidance for ayurvedic living and conscious parenting blogs. I read about 5 pages and then fall asleep because it's usually so late.  This one catches my attention due to the shorter and direct readings...My latest love is Oprah Winfrey's book called "The Wisdom of Sundays" based on her show Super Soul Sunday on her OWN network. 

Chapter Two:   Intention

"The number one principle that rules my life is intention.
Thought by
thought, choice by choice, we are co-creating our lives
based on the energy of our intention." 
Oprah Winfrey

How we choose to answer the question I asked above, how we choose to look at the cards dealt to us over the last year, how we choose to think and act will only attract more of that energy.  If we think of ourselves instead of human beings having a spiritual experience - but rather spiritual beings having a human experience, there becomes a shift in perspective.

It turns us from victims of the years' lessons to victors of the years' lessons.


Think through all that you've experienced this year. Was it a total and complete shit show or was there a balance of amazingness sprinkled in? What sort of roller coaster did you go on? How high were the highs? How low were the lows? What did you learn from all of this? Did you become stronger? Smarter? Did you realize how and when to set up boundaries? Did you lose a loved one? Did you lose a job? Did you gain a family member or get a raise or find out what your soul has been calling you to do finally?!


The key here to all of this is when we set our intention toward taking life by the optimistic and positive horns, we have a clearer vision of the reasons for the lesson in the first place.
With this mindset,  we are simply the wiser for all of our human experiences.


None of this means you should be a permanent "Positive Patty" as we were given a range of emotions for a reason. I've had my fair share of junk shoved my way this year and have had angry outbursts, ugly-cry-sob-fests, massive confusion that lasted for days and immense amounts of sadness and grief. And when those feelings are allowed to come out into the open, given their 15 seconds of fame, they seem to slide away a bit more easily to allow the light back in. When these storms pass, it allows me to sit back and essentially say to myself, "well I'm glad that ugly-cry is over with, now why did I experience that, what am I supposed to learn from this?". It is all about the " I " here, as essentially the conflict at hand is only for us to learn from individually. Each lesson is presented for our ultimate growth and enlightenment.

Look for the light. Notice the signs. Pay attention to synchronicity.

The year behind us is gone. What we have is today - the present. You have the choice to make it what it is. I choose to be a beacon of wellness, positivity, empowerment, healing, and the ultimate skin-savior. I choose 2018 to me a year of great knowledge, growth and personal development.

Who's with me?


{with gratitude}
Brooke Bateman