Topical benefits of CBD.


The other day I scheduled a post on Facebook with an image of my morning routine. With this post, I hesitated to hit the "post" button because I knew I was taking a leap and publicly advertise my new found love for skincare infused with CBD oil. However, I found more interest in the products than I expected and I was so excited for the feedback I received from it and thought this would be a perfect place to expand on some of the questions asked.

After all, if one person has questions, it is likely more people do, too.

This is also a great time for me to drop in here that if you are reading this, and you have questions on anything skincare related, let me know! I'll answer you back personally and then will create a blog topic about it for any other person interested in the same topic!

 "I don't want to sound ignorant here, but is that a marijuana leaf on the label of your products? What does this do - like, why are you using it?"

Most of the time when we hear about the benefits of CBD oil, it is being referred to in a medical setting. We know it can help with decreasing seizures, shrinking tumors and lessen inflammation in general. But how does it work with skin care?

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol is a compound that exists naturally in plants such as hemp. When it is extracted from the plant's seeds or branches, the oil can be infused into self-care products with the intent to be applied directly to the skin. It can be infused with a blend of other oils, balms, lotions, hydrosols, masks....the list goes on.
Note that CBD is not the same compound that creates a high-like sensation, that is known as THC. So this ingredient gives your skin all the benefits without the "stoner" vibe so to speak.

What are the benefits of CBD?

  • a powerful antioxidant which fights free radical like pollution, smoke, UV rays
  • fights wrinkles and fine lines
  • protects our skin from continuous damage
  • heals previous skin damage because our skin is full of CBD receptors it encourages interaction and better absorption rates of CBD
  • helps with skin issues such as atopic dermatitis/eczema, acne, allergies, fungal infections, and more
  • contains essential nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, proteins and fatty acids to encourage skin health

What are the effects of CBD?

When you apply the oil to the area of concern it can work directly where it needs to. Every product you put on your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream within 30 seconds compared to 2 hours when you ingest products (like taking a pill or a shake drink, etc. I don't mean you're drinking your face cream because that would be gross!) 

When applying CBD topically, the healing compound is almost immediately absorbed therefore allowing them to target the area for quicker and more focused effects. This is beneficial for targeting rashes, warts, moles, skin concerns and pains.  It can reverse pigmentation areas, tighten, hydrate, clear and smooth the skin.

What am I trying to say here?

CBD is your fountain of youth ladies.

I have been using a combination of skincare products for years. When I worked full time at an Aveda salon in Oshkosh 7 years ago, I only used the Aveda product. When I worked full time at Aspira Spa I only used Eminence Organics products. Now that I am able to have my own business and select my own skin care lines to carry - I have the ability to use what I feel actually works.
I have a combination of Eminence Organics, mostly Bioelements and now a new found love for Crave Skincare (CBD line). I have been using the Crave Skincare Alchemy Oil for a year now and am in love. After I saw and felt the immediate response (seriously 1 day) I was in shock yet at the same time I wasn't surprised. After all, we hear all the time how cannabis oil is so healing.

After a year of Alchemy Oil, I added the Crave Radical-C serum to my routine. Your face feels like you just had a mini face lift. Fine lines are diminished in a week, wrinkles are on the mend, and all my freckles (I've had them since a very young age) are lightening in color. Not that I want them to disappear entirely as I like them, but I don't need a prominent mustache of freckles either!

Then - enter the Crave Lip Love - you'll toss all the rest of your lip balms after this one....I have one client that even says "gimme that lip s*** " at all of her appointments, lol!

Why Crave?

After doing a ton of research on companies that infuse CBD in their products, most of them were just starting to scratch the surface and began with a basic body lotion. I didn't need body lotion. I needed an actual skincare line. When I wanted to place my first order, I called the company ready to be "sold" on the amazingness of their line....but to my genuine surprise...the owner of the company answered the phone - herself.

She is 50 years old, started the company because her rosacea was so bad and nothing was helping. She put herself, a single mother, through school at UCLA to learn the science behind blending and creating cosmetics. Through her education, she has sought to replace all synthetics commonly used in skincare with natural alternatives that would not cause irritation.

Partnering Up

On my long list of things to do this week - giving Janet a call is at the very top.
She and I have had conversations previously about The Refinery Esthetics Bar carrying her line in my "store" for all of you amazing women. If CBD does not speak to you, that is okay, I am not pushing it on anyone as I do not push product in general. I merely want you all to know of the natural and amazing benefits this product can offer..

If you are interested in learning more about her line, or are already using it and want to share your thoughts - let's hear 'em! You can visit her website directly at:

I wish all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving and I'll be sending out the next blog-a-roo in a week or so!

{with gratitude}
Brooke Bateman