New Studio, Schedule, Classes + Clients

There's been lots of new stuff going on and I'm trying to get the word out as fast as I can. Today's email is a continuation on all things NEW!

The previous email discussed the new services I'm offering and this email will cover more of the business updates.

This week I was asked some pretty awesome questions and instead of covering the answers in a LIVE video where my notes are all over and my excitement creates A.D.D. moments, I figured I would write it all down first - then do a video later on!

New Studio in 2019 = New Schedule


A few weeks ago I announced the move for 2019 and it feels so good to let that secret soar!
Beginning at some point in January (sooner rather than later hopefully - but we're understandably at the mercy of contractors) we'll be moving above Lilybee Floral Studio right off of Wisconsin Ave.

I will be sharing more info as we get it about when the move will take place. I also plan to hold a Grand Opening Celebration to how off the new space, share some mock-tails and snacks, offer a Bioelements product sale and complimentary skin consultations!

Yes, you've likely noted me using the word "we" because I happily share that New Holstein will now have yoga classes back on a regular basis! I'll share more on those later as well.  The biggest part about the move and the yoga classes is that I will likely need to adjust the days I offer my services as it is not conducive to have yoga at the same time as a facial - we want a totally present environment.

I created a poll in the Refinery Esthetics Wellness Warriors Group page where you can vote on the days that work best for your schedule. 

Please note that I will take every vote into strong consideration however simply cannot guarantee every request.  I do promise to find a schedule that works well for all so that nobody feels left in the dust!

If you would rather reply to this email to let me know what works best for your schedule I will then add that vote to the poll!

Question Posed: Are you accepting new clients?

Heck to the YES!!!!!!!
Send every person in the world you know in my direction - PLEASE!
Currently, I run my business openings on a part-time basis but the goal is to grow this into a full-time status!
Ideally, I'd love to have at least 60 clients a month and I will be able to add more availability as I grow and as demand grows.

Keep in mind my referral program: for every new client you send my way, you earn $10 off your next service!  All they need to tell me is who sent them:)  


I'll be adding a few Saturday mornings to the schedule for December, January and February.

In the past this has gone over well, so now that the season has changed and my husband has stopped working Saturdays until Spring, I can take clients in the morning on Saturdays!

The open days have been added to the online booking site so you may click below to set up your next service!

That's all for now!


Brooke Bateman