The Calm After The Storm

It's been a bit of a whirlwind lately

And it always makes me laugh that when standing on a platform of peace and tranquility, some days I struggle so much to find it for my own life. Maybe that's what the point of me talking about it is - sharing real and vulnerable moments to open the paths to a community for like-minded individuals. Who knows!

What I do know for sure, based off that last sentence, is when we do open up to each other and share our realities, it is powerful and inspiring to witness the bond that communication creates. There are so many times clients and I have shared stories and parts of who we are and found so many commonalities. It makes you sit back at the end of the day and realize we are never alone. Connection creates community and without this only judgment and fear can reside.


The Show's Over!

This is our first year in the public school system and getting to know all the ins and outs of the new daily routines, making our own adjustments at home when working with very tired children at the end of the day, and still going about our regular work schedules has been an amazing challenge. All this during the busiest time of year at the office, tradeshow season, has made most days fly by so fast that I wonder if I even experienced the month of September!

I wanted to take a moment to thank so many of you for always understanding that some months when it is show season, I need to restrict my available appointments to mesh with the demands of the office schedule. It's one of the many pros about running your own business, I admit, but when I have to cut my availability in half I cringe at all those I am leaving high and dry. So - thank you - I appreciate you all for understanding!

Now that show season is over for fall, my calendar has opened back up quite nicely which means more time to get everyone and their mothers in!  Soon I will also be able to get Saturday mornings back on the schedule as well to help out with those who work nights and can't make Friday's during the day. As soon as those are posted, you'll be posted:)


Hello October

This is quite possibly my favorite month of them all. I love the crisp air, falling leaves, pumpkins and mums on my porch, jeans and cute boots with cozy sweaters, and long weekends in the woods at our family cabin. This weekend, 19 of us cousins are headed to these woods that we've all been going to since we were born. It's like a second home to most of us and it's a place we all come back to several times a year to sit around the fire, eat so much good food, hike, four-wheel, and drink the best old-fashioned percolated coffee in our jammies each morning. 

This place only has electricity only when you turn on a generator and lacks paved roads to drive the miles deep into the woods. No television, barely any phone reception (i.e. no social media distractions), no gadgets and wingdings - it's quiet and peaceful and you can hear the wind, birds, coyotes, and whip-poor-wils if you're lucky!  This is the perfect place to be after the last month. This is the perfect place to hit the restart button and reground yourself.

This place has an energy to it that no other place in the world does. It's hard to explain really but I remember the first time I took my husband there - how he felt about it then and how he feels about it now - the energy is quick moving and contagious. It's safe, it's home, and you can feel every cell in your body responding the minute you hit the sand road - saying "oh thank god I can leave all that behind me now" ...and you do.

I wish everyone in the world had a place to go to that evokes the same feelings and emotions - imagine what kind of world we'd live in then.

October Offer!

This month, I am also offering up complementary chemical peels!
You can add these on to any service, so if you didn't' already request one at the time you booked your appointment there is no need to panic! I'll be asking every one of you at your appointment if this is something you'd like to add on.

Made from: 30% Lactic Acid, plus pumpkin extract and pomegranate

Great for:
Breakouts (papules/pustules)
Premature age signs (surface wrinkles/lines)
Post acne dark spots (PIH)

What it does:
Reduces the appearance of inflamed acne papules/pustules
Softens surface lines and wrinkles
Brightens post-acne dark spots (PIH)
Increases skin hydration and reduces flakiness

Level 1 Lactic Acid: The most gentle of the peels offered at The Refinery

Bioelements recommends having a series of peels done close together produces the best results. However, you may add a peel to any facial at any time you decide works for your schedule.
Typically, a series of treatments are done on a weekly or bi-weekly basis and lasts for 6 treatments (we would book these as The Mini Facial  30 min. and use the peel as your exfoliation step).


For the month of October, the only day I have left open is Friday, October 12th during the daytime from 10-2pm.
If you would like to book on this day, reach out!
If you would like to be added to my wait list to be notified of cancellations for the month, reach out!

I usually book up 4 weeks in advance, so if you know what your schedule looks like in the coming months, it is never too early to reserve your spot. You are not penalized for cancellations - I simply ask for notice so I may fill the spot from my waitlist.

November is 30% booked and I'm taking appointments for December already as well.

These are the months to really start looking at when it comes to how your skin is going to look for all the family functions and holiday parties. It doesn't just stop at your skin. Think of how we like to pride ourselves on being so busy that time of year....wouldn't it be nice to start a new tradition and take an hour out just for yourself and flip the script on busy?

To schedule: call or text 920.420.9145
Email: or reply to this email
To book online, click here:

Holiday's Are Approaching

Keep in mind the gift of relaxation for those you love!
Gift certificates paired with sample pouches make great stocking stuffers!
Be sure to peruse the retail shelf at your next visit to discuss what your special people may be in need of.  There will be holiday specials and promotions coming your way soon, too, so stay tuned for those!

I hope everyone has a positive weekend filled with joy and mindfulness.


p.s. Do you have a skin concern or question you'd like me to cover in a blog or Facebook Live video? You're likely not alone and your question could help others around you! Please feel free to submit your question or concern and I will gladly cover it:)

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