The Fun Police is Delivering a Message about Refinery Policies


It goes without saying that I am more than grateful for each and every single one of you amazing clients!  Many of you have become friends throughout the years and I cherish each interaction I have with you all. Throughout the years of being an esthetician, following other spa professionals, I'd see them posting on social media about cold and flu season and thought "gosh that takes some gonads to be so forward with people!" But here I am, being the fun police and having to have the serious conversation myself.  It goes without saying - I love you “to the moon and back” but not so much that I want your cold, flu, cold sores or other contagious items.

A month or so ago, I shared a quick story in one of my live videos all about the effects of sharing our germs with each other. If you missed it, here's the breakdown:  A client brings their flu bug to the treatment room - it is passed on to me (not fun to have the flu when pregnant) - I have to cancel clients and I miss work from my full-time job - then my oldest gets it next - again, I cancel clients and I miss work from my full-time job - THEN, my youngest gets sick so (yep you guessed it) - I cancel clients and miss work from my full-time job.... but this is far from over...THEN MY HUSBAND gets sick and we all know what happens then...the world ends!    (LOL I’m adding humor but you understand the point)

When this is all said and done, I have had to cancel on, say, 2 weeks of clients and missed out on 2 weeks of full-time work - praying nobody was upset and they all reschedule.  Many of you know, there are no paid sick days in your own business, and that my schedule is booked up quite a bit so my rescheduled clients may have to either wait 5 more weeks or I need to schedule “makeup time” during a typical night off.

But when we also take the viewpoint away from this being about me, I’d like to point out that I only used the flu as an example. Think of an incubation period when I didn’t realize I was getting the flu, the chest cold, or any other number of contagious things. Gang - I could be spreading that stuff like wildfire to people who have much weaker immune systems than you or I, or who care for people with weak immune systems.


This holiday and cold + flu season - let's protect those around us in the community and help decrease the spread of yucky stuff to one another.

It Is OK to Cancel + Reschedule

I promise you, I will not get upset or have you feeling guilty for canceling.
There is always a wait list as well as a never-ending to-do list to keep the business running strong.
I simply ask for a polite and considerate 24-hour notice when possible.
You may call, text, email, or message me on Facebook.

Not Sure What Counts As A Reason to Cancel?

I’ve created a handy list on my website that covers all the reasons/illnesses/etc., you may want to cancel - or I may be able to decline your scheduled service. 
I encourage all to click the link below to check the list out!

Take me to the list of policies

There’s No Wellness Without “We”

We’re all in this together so let’s make the wellness community stronger than ever during this cold and flu bug season!  Remember that when we are living a grounded life, fueling our body with water and nutrients, moving our body in ways that are good for our health - we prosper. Let’s also take this a step outside of ourselves and remember how our health affects those around us.

I wish every single one of you the happiest, healthiest, and safest holiday season of them all! May you all be living radiantly and shining your light:)


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