The Mission

Over the summer there have been so many changes going on, both personally and professionally and it’s given me a lot of time to reflect on what’s in store for The Refinery Esthetics Bar going forward and I’m so excited to share!

Through my reflections what stood out to me the most is that there is a reason I was brought back to New Holstein 8 years ago. This place is not a hot mess, so please don't let that be a takeaway here, but, New Holstein is the place that needs to have this sanctuary for all in the area to come and let down their guard, to heal, to relax and to restore themselves.

It’s no big secret that one day I wish to collaborate with many in the healing arts and open a wellness center right here in or around New Holstein. I have an amazing Pinterest board full of blueprint ideas, furniture, lighting, food,ehh I could go on and on really! It’s so exciting to me that it keeps me awake some nights, creeps into my head during meditation and has me sketching in my journal.

The surrounding countryside’s in all directions is home to thousands of overworked, overstressed, disconnected people who are in search for more.

Aren’t we all?

Don’t we all want a better community?
Don’t we all need a little more kindness?
Couldn’t we all use a break a little closer to home?


I see people coming through the doors burdened and walking out the doors feeling lighter again. I see love, joy, and compassion being spread like wildfire. I see a yoga room full of sun saluters. I see people pushing their limits in a TRX class. I see people finally allowing themselves to shed pent-up tears. I see many people asleep on tables in their treatment rooms, haha!  (P.s. this is the greatest compliment any practitioner could receive - so sleep away and never apologize!)

I hear wind chimes and little waterfalls. Birds tweeting and calling high above and hushed voices all around. I’ll keep working hard at bringing this vision to life - it’s not just for me though - it’s for all of you, too.

This vision is built on a foundation of integrity and respect with values that speak to my core. So, I’d like to share the following reflection with all of you who already are a part of this journey.

The Refinery Esthetics Bar’s Mission Statement

To facilitate and enable the health, growth, spiritual enlightenment, and connection to self with all individuals who seek this path.

To continue to grow in health and wellness on our own, knowing we cannot be of service to others if we do not serve our own wellness first.

To abide by state laws regarding safety and sanitation, education and client confidentiality always.

To create a peaceful atmosphere, a safe and respectful environment, acceptance of all walks of life and business founded on a place of integrity, honor, wisdom, and trust.

To put it simply: empowered women, empower women.

{with gratitude}
Brooke Bateman

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