What's been goin' on

There's plenty of new and good things underway lately and I'm happy to share some of it with you all!

If you're on Facebook, you may have seen my post in the Wellness Warrior group page but I know some of us are not on Facebook. But hey, if you are, yet aren't part of the group and want to be in the know - then search for: Refinery Esthetics Wellness Warriors and ask to join in!

Many of you know that I take care of all aspects of running this business which also means being a fill-in IT person....which has never been a strong suit, LOL!  I was so happy that I figured out how to embed code but was bummed that it wasn't working on everyone's screen. So, while out in California, I recruited the help of my friend since she is more fluent in the computer world and I'm happy to say that the online booking glitch 99% fixed!  Woot Woot!

For those experiencing issues still after this update, please don’t hesitate to book your spot the good old fashioned way. Pick up that phone, shoot a text, send an email...together we can make this happen. I don't want anyone to feel deterred from getting your skin in tip-top shape because of technology:)


I had so many options that at most appointments everyone chose the Custom Blended with add-on services. So I dropped the menu down to the 30-minute mini facial, fundamental (no hand or foot massage), teen facial and the Custom Blended (this is the one you can add micro treatments to - discussed below).

All other services (back treatment, waxing, and energy work) are still available on the menu. If you scheduled your service online while the other options were on the menu, you will still be able to receive that service - now and forever - I just wanted to make things easier so clients didn't feel "menu overwhelm".

Let's talk about these, shall we?
Each of the micro treatments is there to enhance what all the professional grade, concentrated ingredients are doing. You can select from:

Galvanic Current, High Frequency, Microcurrent and Ultrasonic Cleansing (all are different forms of electrical waves that obtain different results within the skin cells and muscle structure and cannot be used if there are underlying medical concerns)

Chemical Peels (lactic 30% and glycolic/lactic blend) as well as the Hydrating hand treatment (incorporates a lactic acid peel on the hands prior to massage) - neither are recommended for extremely sensitive skin types

The latest modalities do not have the same contra-indications that the ones listed above do which make them perfect for almost everyone!

Facial Cupping & Jade Rolling are both fabulous ways to safely enhance lymphatic drainage, light, tighten and sculpt the face without adding electrical current or stimulating acids.
These would still not be recommended for anyone with certain medical conditions or currently undergoing cancer treatments, however.

All of these micro treatments can be combined - you could, essentially have almost every single add-on when you book a custom blended facial. I will be sending out a separate email that discusses each add-on service a little more so that we can discuss what the benefits of each are and why you may want to add one or two of them onto your next treatment!


On my survey, it was asked that I carry more samples, so I stocked up!
Each time I'm able to get samples through Bioelements I will select top sellers and what is necessary for the season. So this time around we've got tons of serums, nighttime treatments and hydrating skin soothers for the winter months approaching.  As always, if you love them, we will order a full-size product to have in stock on my retail shelves.


They've just come out with brand spanking new custom blend additives..... you know... those drops I put into certain steps of your facial when you joke that I look like a chemist?!  Well, they brought out 3 new amazing ones for the top skin concerns: Aging, Hyperpigmentation, and Sensitivity.

What do these do?
These allow an esthetician to fully customize and personalize your skincare to fit a treatment protocol that is designed for rapid results. Gone is the one size fits all facial you'd get at most other venues. Each formulation allows us the capability to add more of this and less of that so that your skin has the ingredients necessary for you to see and feel a positive change.

PLUS! If you purchase any moisturizer, from now on, I can custom blend any additives into it that we usually use during your treatment. This means you’re getting targeted concentrates that will keep the treatment room effects lasting longer!

For a review of the new service menu, to book your next appointment, or to catch up on the blog, click below to be taken to the web!

I want to send a special note of thanks - to each of you for helping me book in my schedule the way you have been. I appreciate you all keeping me busy, allowing me to live and breathe my passion for skin health and overall wellness, and to serve you by bringing a touch of calm to your lives in the process!

I'm always working hard to bring a better experience for your next visit and like to keep things fresh and new each time.
Stay tuned for some pretty sweet fall specials headed your way!

I'd like to close today with a new word I learned at a kundalini yoga class while on vacation. It was my first time taking this kind of yoga class and my first time hearing this word being calmly chanted. It resonated so much that as soon as class was over, I shot up to find a piece of paper and vowed to always use this now rather than the usual namaste.

Sat nam

( Sat Nam is often referred to as a “seed mantra,” a mantra that resonates with the wisdom that says within the seed is contained all the knowledge of the fully grown tree. So, when you plant such a seed within your consciousness, over and over and over again, your soul awakens and you are given your destiny. )


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