Bring Your Asana To Class

a chat about the mat

Growing up as a child, my mother was an aerobics instructor, avid runner and gym junkie. She has always been my model for fitness inspiration as she's paired her cardio, diet and spiritual practices together in near perfect harmony.  One of the many practices she's brought into my life at a young age is the love for yoga and that love became even stronger when she completed her yoga teacher certification while studying at The Chopra Center in Southern California.

When my body feels stiff, stagnant, toxic, yucky, or my sciatic begins to act up - I turn to yoga first. The beautiful thing about yoga is that it is an individual practice, there's no competition, there is no perfection and there are no rules (except just to listen to your body and know your limits).

In the new studio space (opening January 1st) I am proud to be able to share we will have yoga classes offered throughout the week. We'll start with a few classes and build on that as interest is gained. I sure hope you can all meet me on the mat, sharing our practice together, beautifully imperfect, visiting with our soul while strengthening our bodies.

Calm. Connected. Consciousness.

without further ado, please give a warm welcome to your new yoga instructor - Meg!


I'm Meg and it's really great to meet you!
Here's a little about me:

I have been practicing yoga for over twenty years, and I have been teaching yoga for eight years. I completed my certification with Breathe for Change. This is an amazing program certifying educators as yoga instructors while also promoting social justice and teaching social-emotional learning strategies for
educators to take back to their classrooms and schools to help foster a better learning environment and culture.

This intensive program transformed me as an educator, a yoga instructor, and as a human being. In addition to digging deeper into yoga philosophy, asanas, and anatomy, my favorite focus of study was meditation. I practice yoga and meditation every day because it is the consistent showing up and hard work on my mat that helps me show up authentically in my everyday life to do the hard work of being a human, seeing the humanness in everyone I meet, and trying to help people connect with each other. The physical postures of yoga are important, but they are only a slice of what yoga is.

Developing a strong breathing practice and connecting mind and body with the spirit is what I love about yoga. It is what I love helping my students develop. We are all human. We are more alike than we are different. Yoga helps us question and develop who we really are.

So, who are you…really?



Please refer to my previous blog post that includes the weekly schedule. This image shows Refinery appointment days changing to Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for 2019.  Yoga classes will be held Tuesdays and Thursdays (to start). Always be sure to stay up to date on my Facebook page and private facebook group as that’s where all updates are posted primarily.

Quick disclaimer-type-of-note:

I will always gladly market the bejesus out of anyone sharing the wellness center space, however, we are separate entities. All communications regarding appointments you have with me should still come to me, and all communications for yoga classes, packages, pricing, etc. will go through Meg.

You'll all get to meet her in person at the grand opening celebration on January 12th - we hope to see you there!