Good day my loves!

I recently received this email and found it so wonderfully beautiful that I thought maybe some of my peeps may also enjoy it. So much resonated in the words spoken and I know that if you're like me, you love a good vulnerable - open-hearted share.

Without further delay - I hope you enjoy this email from Meg (gEM Yoga + Meditation WI) as much as I did.  And who knows, maybe we'll see you on the mat soon!


Dear Friends of geM Yoga and Meditation.
I want to give you some food for thought with regard to what I believe is the best benefit of yoga and meditation.
Yoga saved me. I am not being dramatic. It literally saved me from the emotional trauma that I was going through way back when I was 20 years old, and it continues to save me every-single-day.
Back then in my Marquette days, I was an avid power walker. I rode every stinking machine in the gym. I even pushed myself to run though my knees hated it. I did not need another workout. I was not looking for the yoga booty. I needed help coping with tumultuous emotions. I needed to focus my thought patterns. I needed centering. I needed to find my true again. ( I continue to need this daily- it doesn't go away I have learned)
When I first rolled out my mat, (I remember it clearly to this day) and I sat in meditation before yoga class, I remember thinking things like, "This is boring. Am I even doing this right? This will be the longest hour ever". Then the instructor's voice lulled me deep inside. I started to feel the expanse of my breath, and as I moved my body in time with my breath, I got lost deep inside myself and started to see, hear and feel things that weren't necessarily pleasant, but they were raw true reality. There was no stopping what I had started.
I am not going to tell you that the first class is where all of my emotional troubles were soothed, or that I saw the light and it transformed me forever. But I remember that I felt the warm flicker of a flame ignite in me, so much so that I never stopped unrolling my mat and doing the hard work of sitting with myself, observing and accepting my breath, body, emotions, and thoughts.
22 years later, I practice yoga and meditation every day like I take my vitamins, eat and sleep, walk my dog, write in my journal, and pray to God. Sometimes, like today, when I feel the heaviness of emotions that sting my eyes with tears and twist my stomach in knots, I practice yoga and meditation twice a day because I know that centering myself, focusing my awareness and being responsive rather than reactive-- is my personal responsibility.
Maybe you already are a marathon runner, weight lifter, mountain biker, or swimmer. Maybe you don't need another workout.
Maybe you are always looking outside of yourself for that quick energetic or emotional pick me up. Maybe you get it in eating junk food, gossiping about others, drinking alcohol or taking drugs. If so, I am willing to bet that after those quick fixes are over, you are left feeling as empty or emptier than before.
Showing up on your mat barefoot is a vulnerable feeling, but I believe that you have everything you need to be focused, centered and happy right inside yourself. If you can breathe through your emotions and thoughts for that one hour, you will feel the energetic difference for longer than a shot of tequila, and unlike the bottle that empties, somehow more yoga and meditation fills our physical, mental and emotional vessels up.
If you haven't tried a yoga class, my 20-year-old self, my 30-year-old self, and my 40-year-old self says, "do it." My 82-year-old mother in law who practices every week and can stand on her head in the middle of the room says "do it" too).
I am not suggesting that life will be perfect with a yoga practice in your schedule, but the hard times won't seem as unmanageable, and you will have a set of skills embedded in your being to help you cope with whatever life dishes out.
I believe that what your body can or can not do is secondary to what your mind and your spirit can do. Over time, the physical body opens up and it surprises us too. Next time, I will share some of the many concrete physical benefits of the practice.
Have a beautiful weekend.

Class Info:

Monday - 9:30-10:30 AM
Tuesday - 6:15-7:15 PM
Thursday - 4:15-5:15 PM
Sunday - 3-4 PM (Meditation, Pranayama, and Yoga)

$10 Drop In Rate
Punch Card Pricing:
5 classes for $45
10 classes for $80
20 classes for $140

Student/Teacher Drop In Rate $5

(A personal note from Brooke:  Our yoga room can hold 10-12 yogis comfortably. The very first class held drew a larger crowd due to all the excitement (yay!) and the room was tight. So I thought it would be kind to note that, much like a new year's resolution, attendance can be full or not so full depending on the day/time/weather/etc.  At this time, sign up's are not required, so please know we will always have room for you when you are ready to practice!)

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