Energetic Spring Cleaning Day

This is such an exciting day to share with you all!  
Last year, I had put together a day just like this and it was so powerful for those involved that I wanted to offer this to all of the wellness seekers in the group.

March 16th. 8:30-4pm
Message me to sign up

(Info below is taken from Rick & Beth's website:

Who and What is this event?
Take a Journey with Shaman & Healer Rick Olsen

Work together to clear imprints in the energy field that can manifest mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. Rick will create sacred space to allow spirit to engage in healing. Healing can be dramatic and instantaneous. Disruptions in our physical and emotional health can be traced back to imbalances on an energetic level. Each person is unique and will experience different results from Shamanic Energy Healing. Examples of different types of healing that may occur are:
Illumination, Soul / Destiny Retrieval, Extractions, Divination, Chakra / Energy Balancing, Psychopomp

"Stay open to possibility and the spirit world will conspire on your behalf for your good. All you have to do is ask."

What to Expect
• Energy healing is not bound by space and time. Shamanic healing techniques can be just as effective remotely as in person. If you are interested in information about a remote healing session please contact us.
• A healing session will last approximately one hour.
• Sessions begin with an explanation of the shamanic view of the Luminous Energy Field surrounding the body and how imprints in that field cause disease, followed by a review of the healing technique process.
• We will discuss the reason for the healing session during which I will track the energies around the issue to gain insight. The insight gained will help in the healing process by giving us both a better understanding of the cause(s) of the disease or disruption.
• The next phase is the implementation of whatever technique is appropriate to your situation.
• Following the completion of the technique, we will share our experiences. I will talk to you about what you felt and share with you what I saw, experienced and was told by Spirit.
• To conclude the session, we will discuss whether any follow-up work is recommended. Sometimes Spirit will assign "homework" to help with the healing process. Some issues can be resolved in one session while others may require multiple sessions.

For more information, Please visit the website:

- Sign up for a 1-hour time slot
- 1st come, 1 served (waitlist will be created)
- The fee is set and paid directly to the practitioner at the completion of the session ($140)
- You may show up 5-10 minutes prior to your appointment and leave immediately after, or you are welcome to stay a bit longer as well
- You may keep your entire experience to yourself, or if you choose to share it you may, it is entirely up to you and nobody expects beans to be spilled
- This is a judgment-free, loving and understanding environment where tears are acceptable and accepted as part of the healing process
- Light snacks and non-alcoholic beverage will be provided
- Services will be in my treatment room, on my massage table, fully clothed

Though I’ve tried to be as complete as possible, it is likely I’ve left something out – if you have questions please let me know and I am happy to answer and edit this invitation.

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