Welcoming Massage Therapy At The Refinery

Let's give a loud Woop Woop Welcome to Madelynn!

It's super exciting to have another light-minded wellness warrior joining us at The Refinery. Please see her bio below that shares a little about her background, future availability and pricing. Stay tuned for her start date and contact info as well.

Be sure to get all the way down to the bottom as I have covered a few important bullet points of info that are on my mind this week. As always, reach out if you have questions, wish to rsvp to anything or just want to say hello!

xoxo B.

Hello Everyone! 

My name is Madelynn Knoespel and I am thrilled to be joining The Refinery Esthetics Bar and Wellness Center in early June to offer therapeutic massage services as Repose Massage.  The journey was an unpredictable road that led in many different directions, but worth the turns and twists to arrive here.  Service to others is an innate part of who I am and what makes me feel complete, so this profession is a perfect fit. 

About 15 years ago while I was working with special needs children with very severe behaviors, an autism specialist came to the school district to help me achieve more “workability” with these students.  She introduced me to cranial massage explaining how connected the central nervous system was to the children’s behavior resulting from uncomfortable outside stimuli for them.  She showed me massage techniques that would calm outbursts and increase productivity allowing further inclusion into general education classrooms.  Honestly, it was miraculous!  Applying her techniques helped achieve better socialization skills and scholastic achievement without behavioral problems that segregated them from the regular ed population. 

Fast forward 14 years later, life changed drastically.  A divorce after many years of marriage, the loss of my son in a car accident and both my parents passing left me pretty empty…….but, with a new life slate that permitted me to finally take a chance on a dream that all but withered. 

I decided it was finally time to attempt to make my dream a reality!  And I did……. I am graduating May 19th from Fox Valley Technical College with a degree in Therapeutic Massage.   Not only will I be doing a job that helps promote wellness in others, it will be employment I’m totally passionate about! 

To start, I will offer Swedish, Hot Stone, Aromatherapy and Customized massage therapies as well as hot towel foot scrubs. 

Prices will be $50 for an hour session and $75 for an hour and a half with the exception of Hot Stone massage which will be $75 per hour session.  Tips are not necessary.
  My hours will be:  M-Th 10ma-5pm and every other Saturday 9am-Noon. 

Below is a picture of another miracle in my life.  Since my son passed the possibility of being a grandma was gone.  But, I met a wonderful man whom I married named Kurt.  He has a daughter Tiffany (married to Kevin) who gave us Oliver, our grandson.  He is the love of my life and I am thrilled to care for him every Friday.

Oh!  A few last topics of business:

1. Product Sale: last day of the 30% off will be March 31st - after that, all product is back to regular price.

2. Last Product Order Date is April 1st - the order will be placed by 5 pm so if there is anything you need please let me know by then. I will not be placing another order while I am out.

3. Maternity Leave will begin April 13th- June 24th. I will be available for office hours the 13th-19th but will not be taking clients. Please kindly expect a delay in response time from April 19 through at least after Mother's Day.

4. This Saturday, March 30th, don't forget we are having the Zyia Activewear clothing party at the studio - open to all - just shoot me a message if you plan to make it so I can make sure there are enough snacks to go around!

5. Mother's Day Contest begins April 1st....have you started thinking about your entry yet?!

6. Shoes:  the floors look so amazing - BUT - they show every spec of dirt and dust ... so for the time being, we are asking all shoes be left on the rug in the hallway until our larger rug arrives. This will cut down on the twice-daily floor cleaning we each lovingly do!

7. Fitness Classes: if you plan to attend please let either me or Caitlyn know so that she can begin working up sweet workout plans! Two emails were scheduled to go out with her class times and prices - and it is also posted in the warrior group - if you need info please reach out!

8. Yoga:
> Lori will continue to teach her Friday night FREE classes until April 12th + one Saturday class- come one come all - this is to help her earn her certification!
Friday March 29 @ 6pm
Friday, April 5 @ 6pm
Saturday April 6 @ 6pm
Friday April 12 @ 6pm

> Meg is adding class times as well which is awesome!
Her April Schedule will be as follows:
Monday: 9:30-10:30 am (Slow Flow Vinyasa - great for all skill levels)
Tuesday: 4:30-5: 30 pm and 6-7pm (Slow Flow Vinyasa - great for all skill levels)
Thursday: 4:30-5: 30 pm and 6-7pm (Slow Flow Vinyasa - great for all skill levels)
Sunday: 3-4pm (yoga & meditation)

9. Gong Meditation: I have about half of the space spoken for, so be sure to get your spot reserved in advance if you'd like to take advantage of the early bird pricing!

10. Website: did you know that most everything I have written in this email is all on my website as well?
Be sure to head over there any time you have questions as I try my darndest to keep it up to date with all the details and events! There is a link just below this where you can click and take some time to look around, read the blog, see what events and classes are coming up and even book your appointments.

WHEW okay that's enough for today!
Have a good one guys!

Brooke Bateman