They say the greatest compliment comes in the form of a referral and we'd be honored if you felt inclined to share the love and spread the word!

What's in it for you?!

oh hey...

This feels like a good spot to say that they should be sure to mention you in order to get the referral credits. The amount will be added onto your file and will be available for use at your next appointment.

Q: "Can I accumulate referral credits?"
A: HECK YES! If you sent 5 new folks my way that warrants a FREE facial when you do the math. (also depends on what facial you select but you pick up what I'm throwing down)

Q: "Can I use the credit towards anything I want?"
A: The credit is valid on product and services with Brooke/The Refinery. These referral credits are not applicable toward classes or massage at this time.

Should you have questions, please feel open to ask.

Please feel free to forward this email to anyone you feel may be interested in the products, services, classes and events taking place at the studio! There is enough to go around and we are gloriously living an abundance mindset, happy to bring more wellness warriors into our community!

Brooke Bateman