Summer Class Schedule

Welcoming the summer solstice.

As we all embrace the change of season once more, I’d like to take a moment to reflect on this latest shift.

The summer solstice is marked as the longest day of the year and for us, here in the northern hemisphere, we are able to experience the sun shining down on us just a bit longer!

Days like this bring forth the connection to the light and all that is light. The light around and within us. It is my wish for you that you’re able to take moments and turn toward the light, like a flower in the garden, and live radiantly this summer. 

Summer Class Schedule

It has been an amazing endeavor bringing yoga to New Holstein and I am so happy to see so many of you coming to the studio to practice.

Just like the seasonal change, we have a provider change ahead of us. As of July 1st Meg, with Gem Yoga & Meditation, will be relocating her practice to Animity Health located in Kiel. We appreciate everything she’s shared with us during her time here and wish her nothing but the best in her future endeavors.

Yoga with Lori, who currently holds class once a week, will be taking advantage of the scheduling opportunity to expand and grow her practice. The new yoga schedule is posted above!

The Refinery strives to maintain a consistent schedule that continues to benefit the community and those seeking to better themselves.

Why is this good news news for you?!
There will not be alterations in this schedule from now until Labor Day. This helps you plan your practice knowing someone will always be here whenever you’re ready!

The Refinery is proud to offer healing services in the form of massage, facials, Reiki, crystal chakra balancing, yoga and fitness classes currently. It is our goal to continue to add more practitioners, and more services in a never ending effort to bring the community together into the light.

thank you for allowing us to serve you


Brooke Bateman