Strawberry Hills Farm Luxury Bath Soaps Now Available

Oh now, these are luscious!

I just met up with the super-great owner of Strawberry Hills Farm, Katie Franzen, our very own local artisan and got our shelves restocked while sharing stories of what it takes to build a family while building a business. As many of us have experienced, being a working mom is tough while yet rewarding but adding sole proprietor to the list has a new set of challenges at times.

One of the greatest moments working with so many people is the time we spend connecting with each other and building community with those around us. Keep practicing kindness and continue to lift each other up as often as you can. The world can feel the vibration of a generous act of love.

Speaking of generous act of love....let's talk featured product, shall we?

Strawberry Hills Farm handcrafted luxury soaps are made with 100% Pure Certified essential oils.
No fragrance oils are used to create their sensory soothing scent!
Choose from a variety of blends ranging from sweet and uplifting, to soft and earthy.
Now, until the end of July, all bars are BUY ONE, GET ONE 20% OFF!
You can hit up any of the practitioners at the studio before or after a service or class and we'd be more than happy to get you on your way to beautiful bathing bliss!

Brooke Bateman