Sealing the Sunscreen Series

Okay so now we've learned and talked about the two main types of sunscreen (Chemical and Physical/Mineral). We've found out which type we are using at home. We've learned that the FDA has taken 20 years of research and now announced specific ingredients in the majority of chemical sunscreens is actually causing skin cancer and they are now asking manufacturers to change all formulas, packaging, and marketing going forward in an effort to better protect us.

So now what?

I'll be honest, it isn't an esthetician's dream to recommend any product sold at a local convenience store. But, I have always come to you as a human first and a skin preacher second! Through this challenge, I put myself in 90% of people's shoes and waltzed into Walmart and looked at the back of almost every single bottle of sunscreen they had on their shelves...and they have a ton!

I figured most people grab quick based on the front of the bottle marketing so I tried my best to do the same without getting too nerdy in the aisle. It was so hard not to become overwhelmed, I mean, seriously, the choices are bordering on ridiculous!

I was able to find a sunscreen I can stand behind, however. It is called Bare Republic and it is a mineral sunscreen (think white tint), vegan, cruelty-free, reef safe, no parabens, no phthalates, or any of the ingredients the FDA has recently found harmful.

We have been using it for the last month or so and my overall feedback is that it works wonders. No burns while using it, a bit thick when applying compared to the easy slip of most sunscreens, doesn't sting or run in your eyes, price is in line with what you'd expect to pay at a convenience store.

One of my other all-time faves is the powdered mineral SPF that Eminence Organics makes. I had a tube for a while and need to restock for sure. You can use it as makeup powder if you want as it comes in a variety of shades but I always had the translucent tint so it could go with anything (fancy face or fancy-free). Expect to pay about $50 for this one.

Since it does cast a white tint, I didn't care for how it makes my face look like a mime some days while working (I'm exaggerating but you understand) so thing change made me rethink my daytime face game. I pulled the trigger and chose to change all my makeup over to Jane Iredale as she carries a great BB creme foundation/tinted moisturizer with some SPF in it - and though I know it is not enough to carry me through for real sun protection I figured I'd be safe since I'm in a dark room all day anyhow:)

Jane Iredale and Eminence are not sold at retailers near us unless you go to an authorized spa, such as Aspira at the Osthoff in Elkhart....and you can find other authorized retailers on the Jane website. You will not find her at Walmart and the price is not as easy to digest - but at least one can rest easy knowing it is a high-quality skincare line for your makeup.

In closing this series, we've discussed the different types of sunscreens, the new regulations for sunscreens going forward and I've talked about a few brands for you to check out. I hope this series was both educational and helpful.

As always, I'm here if you have questions and encourage you to reach out!

Brooke Bateman