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Spring Energy Cleaning

As a child, I am sure I was many things but one thing that stood out a lot was how awkward I felt - frequently.   There were times people mistook me as a boy due to my short haircut and my dominantly direct nature which was deemed as masculine. I remember sometime after college at a gathering ……

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Bring Your Asana To Class

In the new studio space (opening January 1st) I am proud to be able to share we will have yoga classes offered throughout the week. We'll start with a few classes and build on that as interest is gained. I sure hope you can all meet me on the mat, sharing our practice together, beautifully imperfect, visiting with our soul while strengthening our bodies.
Calm. Connected. Consciousness.

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Everything I never knew I would love - My first experience at a Korean Spa

She continued to communicate with me in her words, “up, down, flip, turn” and I obeyed and allowed her to do what she planned. She gently massaged rosemary and mint oils into my hair and scalp and wrapped my head in a warm towel. She massaged my face and painted on a cucumber and milk mask. She then placed warm hot towels across my body as she finished massaging my front side.

 I was jelly.

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Combating Collagen Collapse

For the average woman, collagen production begins to decline by approximately 50% from the ages of 30-50 years old. This gradual decrease is responsible for us waking up one morning wondering who we see in the mirror. We recognize this as the appearance of thinner skin, wrinkles, fine lines and achy joints in the morning.  But here's the deal:  you can slow the effects of collagen loss, and you can also take steps to restore collagen production.

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New Year, New You

What does your year in review look like? What do you want to attract in 2018 when it comes to health, finances, family, purpose, etc? Take it another step - how are you going to actively get after those goals? What steps will you take to make this next year one you feel confident about?

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Healing Energy Offered - Part 2

More and more people are seeing complementary ways to achieve wellness. Some medical practices only treat symptoms and never fully address the initial cause of the problem, or fail to look beyond the physical to address the mental or emotional state we have. Energy work can help you achieve wellness by addressing the physical, mental and emotional issues that can be holding you back from achieving connection and flow of mind, body, and spirit. 

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Healing Energy Offered - Part 1

Reiki is a gentle and safe healing practice that is geared towards removing any energy blocks in our system caused by emotional, mental or physical stress and pain.  Following any energy session, it is wise to be kind to yourself and emotions you may experience. You may feel energetic, tired, confused or incredibly clear, sad or the happiest you've been in years - it is different for every individual and every session.

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