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Make-up a go-go!

There is just so much available for you to purchase and try that the only way you may know that something isn't right for you is if you have a reaction to it or simply end up not liking the color/scent/texture/finish of it.  With so many options and so many great product marketers, how do we ensure we are making the a healthy and conscious decision each time?

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Sleeping with the enemy?

Now, I know that you had a blast last night, shakin' your tail feather at the local hot spot, your hair on fleek and your nails just right (or in my case - a rousing night of dishes and toy pick up)....but I think you may have forgotten something? No I'm not talking about getting a number from a hottie (or washing paint off the wall)...I'm talking about your washing off your beautifully applied makeup.
You didn't sleep with it....did you?!

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