Make-up a go-go!

Name the store and it likely sells at least one beauty product.

(Lip balm at the checkout applies)
My point is that no matter where you go nowadays, you can find something to put on your skin in one way or another. With so many options and so many great product marketers, how do we ensure we are making the a healthy and conscious decision each time?

I actually started to type the "right" decision but hit the backspace button. What is right for me may not be right for you based on our own personal standards, budgets, preferences, etc. And I prefer to stay away from a limited belief system that there is only one right way to do things. There are many clients that come to me not only for energy healing and facial services, but simply come to me for skincare advice. What products to use at home for cleaning and moisturizing...but also I get the question: what makeup is best for my skin.

To be honest, the jury is really out on that one.
There is just so much available for you to purchase and try that the only way you may know that something isn't right for you is if you have a reaction to it or simply end up not liking the color/scent/texture/finish of it.  When it comes to what is the healthiest for your skin, now that I can help with!

Bare it all.
Just as choosing to go without in other areas of life can be beneficial - so is going without makeup. I am sure I have run into many of you when I am not wearing makeup. Where I used to be embarrassed (thinking "omg I'm an esthetician and should be made up all the time in an effort to promote external beauty"), I now embrace showing off my mainly clear and healthy skin and have come to feel secure in my bare skin. Plus, there are just a lot of days where I do not have the time to put on a full face and get out the door on time. However, if you can give your skin as much of a break as possible, it will thank you and you will age more gracefully in the end.

But we have to face facts and realize there are several times we need makeup on, or maybe we have a skin condition that we'd like to attempt to camouflage, or heck we just feel pretty and sexy wearing makeup! Avoiding makeup at all costs is just not realistic for most of us. Whatever the reason may be that you wear it, you want to make a healthy choice. Scientific research shows that mineral based makeup is proven to be the most chemical free and least irritating of all the makeups available to us.

What is mineral based makeup?
Visualize the many layers of a rock wall in the Grand Canyon.
Mineral make-up is made up of minerals such as iron oxides (combination of iron and oxygen), talc (a combination of minerals), zinc oxide (from zincite) and titanium dioxide (sourced from ore). They are ground and milled or broken into very tiny particles to create the make-up.

How does it compare to other makeups?
Because of the formation of these compounds and the fact they are natural in origin, they do not need as much product stabilization to keep them shelf-life happy.
Where most makeup is water based, therefore needing parabens or other chemicals to keep them from going bad - mineral makeup doesn't need all the junk to keep it on the shelf. The coloring comes from the color of the mineral, not a synthetic dye ingredient. There are also no fragrances or added oils that may irritate already sensitive skin. Mineral based makeup is the most true form of 'non-comedogenic' there is to offer. What that means is that it will not clog your pores - the minerals simply sit atop the skin and do not seep into the skin or absorb into the bloodstream.

Are there brands I recommend?
There is only one that I have hands on experience with and one I can't wait to learn more about. This is not to say these are the only two out there that can be amazing. Type in a search engine what you are looking for (organic, vegan, mineral, etc) and a plethora of choices will appear. With new companies emerging daily, there's just no way to stay on top of them all.

Jane Iredale
We use this line at the Aspira Spa located at the Osthoff Resort in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin.
The palettes are gorgeous and the glide and application process is simple. There are a variety of products to choose from depending on your skin condition as well as desired affect.

Au Naturale Cosmetics (Green Bay, WI)
I have not experienced this line yet but am itching to get up to her store. I love her story and her branding and love - love - love that she is local to our area!
If any of you get a chance to get in her store before I do, I would love to hear feedback!

So, to summarize:
- Go without as often as you can
- Mineral makeup is healthier than others

And one last little tidbit - no matter what type of makeup you are using - wash all of your brushes with a gentle brush cleanser at least once a month. Brushes harbor a ton of bacteria so you want to be sure you aren't depositing it back onto your skin day after day.

That's all for today folks - I hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

{with gratitude}

Brooke Bateman