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War on Aging

"We'll take them both please" with a smile on my face as I watched hers wash over with surprised joy. It was such a feel-good moment you guys - my heart swelled - I felt like the best big sister in the world - and then the words came.....Words out of the cashier's mouth. Words that make your eyes squint up a bit and your lips pucker.

"WOW, I wish MY mom was that nice!"  
(insert sound of screeching tires)

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Combating Collagen Collapse

For the average woman, collagen production begins to decline by approximately 50% from the ages of 30-50 years old. This gradual decrease is responsible for us waking up one morning wondering who we see in the mirror. We recognize this as the appearance of thinner skin, wrinkles, fine lines and achy joints in the morning.  But here's the deal:  you can slow the effects of collagen loss, and you can also take steps to restore collagen production.

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The Skinny on Serums

The other day I scheduled a post on Facebook with an image of my morning routine.  I was so excited for the feedback I received from it and thought this would be a perfect place to expand on some of the questions asked.   After all, if one person has questions, it is likely more people do, too. "I noticed you seem to be applying two serums based on this picture....what is the purpose? I thought you can only do one at a time? Maybe I'm wrong, lol"

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