Everything I never knew I would love - My first experience at a Korean Spa

She continued to communicate with me in her words, “up, down, flip, turn” and I obeyed and allowed her to do what she planned. She gently massaged rosemary and mint oils into my hair and scalp and wrapped my head in a warm towel. She massaged my face and painted on a cucumber and milk mask. She then placed warm hot towels across my body as she finished massaging my front side.

 I was jelly.

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Funny thing about "Ah-ha" Moments

"Practice what you preach" ran through my head. I took a bath. I took a minute to walk away and get that solitude I crave. (fun fact - people that can work hours on end in a dark and quiet room are most likely introverts, lol)  I felt bad doing it, guilty for not spending time with my kids, panicked the dishes weren’t done, and wondering if I was a bad person/mom/wife for taking that time.   But I grabbed a book and dove in.  Something had to be here printed in these pages for me to grasp onto.

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War on Aging

"We'll take them both please" with a smile on my face as I watched hers wash over with surprised joy. It was such a feel-good moment you guys - my heart swelled - I felt like the best big sister in the world - and then the words came.....Words out of the cashier's mouth. Words that make your eyes squint up a bit and your lips pucker.

"WOW, I wish MY mom was that nice!"  
(insert sound of screeching tires)

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Combating Collagen Collapse

For the average woman, collagen production begins to decline by approximately 50% from the ages of 30-50 years old. This gradual decrease is responsible for us waking up one morning wondering who we see in the mirror. We recognize this as the appearance of thinner skin, wrinkles, fine lines and achy joints in the morning.  But here's the deal:  you can slow the effects of collagen loss, and you can also take steps to restore collagen production.

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The wisdom of the last year

How we choose to answer the question I asked above, how we choose to look at the cards dealt to us over the last year, how we choose to think and act will only attract more of that energy.  If we think of ourselves instead of human beings having a spiritual experience - but rather spiritual beings having a human experience, there becomes a shift in perspective.

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New Year, New You

What does your year in review look like? What do you want to attract in 2018 when it comes to health, finances, family, purpose, etc? Take it another step - how are you going to actively get after those goals? What steps will you take to make this next year one you feel confident about?

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The Skinny on Serums

The other day I scheduled a post on Facebook with an image of my morning routine.  I was so excited for the feedback I received from it and thought this would be a perfect place to expand on some of the questions asked.   After all, if one person has questions, it is likely more people do, too. "I noticed you seem to be applying two serums based on this picture....what is the purpose? I thought you can only do one at a time? Maybe I'm wrong, lol"

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Healing Energy Offered - Part 2

More and more people are seeing complementary ways to achieve wellness. Some medical practices only treat symptoms and never fully address the initial cause of the problem, or fail to look beyond the physical to address the mental or emotional state we have. Energy work can help you achieve wellness by addressing the physical, mental and emotional issues that can be holding you back from achieving connection and flow of mind, body, and spirit. 

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Healing Energy Offered - Part 1

Reiki is a gentle and safe healing practice that is geared towards removing any energy blocks in our system caused by emotional, mental or physical stress and pain.  Following any energy session, it is wise to be kind to yourself and emotions you may experience. You may feel energetic, tired, confused or incredibly clear, sad or the happiest you've been in years - it is different for every individual and every session.

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Living, Breathing, Energy

Now that we've begun to figure out the basics of energy, how and when to ground ourselves....let's take a peek at some real life examples of how energy that isn't channeled in a healthy way can eventually manifest itself physically within us.

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Finding Zen

When I've taken the steps to get centered with myself and ground myself back to a level place, that is when I begin taking simple steps to figure out what is really going on inside. I start by asking myself a series of questions....

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Getting Mindful

Not all days can be love and light days. Those are the days where you fight and make up (and now I've got Katy Perry in my head) and move forward. Or, those are the exact moments I am helping to communicate to you where you can take a step back and say to yourself

"Self, you are out of whack and this is not going well. Take a breather. Take those 30 seconds and unwind in order to reconnect my energy the way it needs to be in this present moment."

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Make-up a go-go!

There is just so much available for you to purchase and try that the only way you may know that something isn't right for you is if you have a reaction to it or simply end up not liking the color/scent/texture/finish of it.  With so many options and so many great product marketers, how do we ensure we are making the a healthy and conscious decision each time?

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