the spoken word

“I have no problem relaxing, but a facial with Brooke takes relaxation to a whole new level while getting beautiful skin included.” Mandy K.

“I would recommend The Refinery Esthetics Bar 10/10 times again and again! Last night was my first experience with Brooke during my renewal treatment. It was amazing! Her specialty services made me feel relaxed, pure and overall rejuvenated. I can’t thank her enough for the spiritual overhaul I needed!

Go check out her beautiful space, her Facebook page for more information and seriously book one of her will NOT regret it🙏🏼” Brittany L.

“I look forward to my time with Brooke with each appointment. She is extremely talented in her work and always so kind and welcoming.” Emily W.

“Beautiful space, comfortable feel, leaves me with a sense of peace every time I stop in to visit I leave feeling refreshed!” Lori S.

“Brooke is amazing! I had an immediate connection with her, and was very relaxed the entire time. Not only does she give an amazing facial, she takes time to answer every question you might have. I am so excited to come back in a few weeks!” Jenny M.

“The passion Brooke puts into every facial is heart warming. I came to my appointment with some sunburn and she knew exactly what to use and explained each step beforehand. I left my appointment feeling centered, relaxed, and ready to take on the day!” Dani S.

“Brooke is extremely knowledgeable, kind, and has an amazing sense of calm about her. She has shed a ton of light on the important of skin care for my life which was well basically shower water, boom done. I get it now. And I love her for it.” Ellen D.

“I had my first reiki session with Brooke, and the whole experience was mind blowing. I didn't know what to expect, and I didn't google reiki before my session. I was healed energetically in so many ways, and it has lasted over the weeks and months since my treatment. Reiki with Brooke will definitely be a regular maintenance that I commit to.” Meggan H.

“I am hooked! Had my second facial and scheduled my third! It is such a treat! Brooke is awesome and the massage is the best. Such a great way to treat yourself!!” Mary J.

 “This is an absolutely lovely space, with a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. I was here for the gong meditation which was, in a word, spectacular. Highly recommended!” Samantha M.

" I initially came to Brooke over a year ago because I was tired of my breakout prone skin and was finally ready to do something about it. I have learned so much every time I visit and have slowly implemented a new skin care routine that is manageable yet has improved my skin sooo much. And the best part is each visit is so relaxing and Brooke is so welcoming, it is easily one of my favorite “me” times. "   Stef W.

" Brooke is an amazing woman. Not only does she create an peaceful, relaxing and judgment free atmosphere, she crafted a facial that was customized to my skin. S he has the natural ability to make people feel welcome, comfortable and enough just as they are. My next appointment cannot come soon enough! "   Valerie G.

"Brooke. Ahhh- what can I say, you're a breath of fresh air.  Everything about you and the space is so calming. The energy work felt incredible and I left feeling the most relaxed I've been in a very long time. (And trust me, I don't relax easily.)   Truly. Thank you for the experience. I can't wait to book my next appointment."   Jaimie D.

" Little get away 5 minutes from my house. Brooke is so talented in what she does. I walk in and instantly become relaxed, but trust me, I leave even more relaxed! "  Lizzie L.

" The moment you meet Brooke you know she’s living her authentic purpose, and sharing her gifts with you "  Kate F.

" Seriously the best!!! I leave there feeling like a new woman every time thank you!! "  Caitlyn W.

"I wanted to apologize for running over my appointment time, but you’re so knowledgeable and easy to talk to that time just slips away so fast! I seriously enjoyed every. Single. Minute. of that facial. I always start off by wanting to always carry a conversation, however then my body just becomes relaxed and I melt into that table and all my worries/to-dos leave my mind for a while. I went home and was raving about my session to my husband because it’s such an relaxing, energy  lifter and great reminder that it’s important to take “you” time! "    Kimberly H.

" A treasure right here in New Holstein. The atmosphere is perfect, the services are 5 plus stars and Brooke is able to convey her compassion for the individual and her passion for her arts & sciences in a way that immediately made me comfortable. Brooke's services are a perfect blend of wellness philosophies, craftmanship and the art of beauty, all executed in the most elegant of ways. After each appointment, my skin improves and I feel more centered. This is not a "treat" for me anymore, this is a part of my life. After decades of battling genetics and bad skin care choices, I am realizing beauty begins in the heart and the mind along with a well crafted skin care regime, due in large part to Brooke. Her Renewal service is one to schedule! ;) Did I mention that all this is right here in New Holstein?" Renee J.

"Today I'm so grateful to have gotten the opportunity to have a facial by one of my dearest soul sisters! There was a time Brooke had stopped doing facials so I was forced to go elsewhere and I can't even tell you how thrilled I was to hear she was back. Brooke is a natural healer and I'd drive halfway across the state, heck the US, to get a facial from her, she's that good!  I've had many facials done over the last 10 years and none of them even come close in comparison to Brookes. She takes her time and I don't know how else to describe it other than she "connects" with your energy and is able to intuitively give you what you need. When I came in for a facial on Friday I was having a rather emotionally raw day and the kindness, compassion and care Brooke puts into her sessions left me coming out of it relaxed, rejuvenated and loved. I went from feeling tired, emotionally drained and stressed to emotionally energized and comforted.I'd recommend her to anyone who's looking to revitalize their mind, body and spirit as well as there skin!"  Laurie M.

"My appointment was an awesome experience.  Looking forward to coming back soon!"   Jill H

" Thank you again and again for another wonderful, calming and beneficial facial last night, Brooke Bateman! I DO have a girl crush.  Every experience is so relaxing and my skin is always glowing after. Seeing you every six weeks has left my skin in the best condition that its ever been in...and believe me, I've tried all of the hip and hype products out there! If you haven't been to The Refinery Bar Esthetics in New Holstein, you're missing out. Brooke is a one of a kind, who personalizes your treatment to fit your needs. Can't wait until my next session! "  Wendy J.

" My first facial with Brooke Bateman this week, what a beautiful experience! " Penny N.

" Every Freakin Time!!! She brings out my sparkle!!! Thank you Brooke are magical in sooooo many ways!!!" Mickaela S.

"Omg I loved every min of it you are amazing and sure love and care for the skin I will def take you up on your recommendations thank you for all your knowledge it really helped I can't wait for my next appt!!!"  Caitlyn W.

"As a holistic doctor I recommend seeing Brook for Healthy young skin. "  David Z.

"Brooke does an amazing job! I was so impressed with my facial and how she way able to melt away my stress. Already booked for the next one. " Wendy J.

"Great and friendly service! I felt so comfortable and relaxed, highly recommend Brooke! " Lexi P.

"Brooke is amazing! If you need an hour to relax and recharge, check her out. My skin feels great!! " Jen D.

"Brooke is magical being! Everything felt balanced when I left from my appointment. Mind body and spirit - All is well in my world" Mickaela S.

"Hi Brooke!  I love everything, but especially the uplift body oil!! " Ashley P.